Ski Trails and Clothing Sales

Tapiola provides fantastic skiing at an affordable price.  The terrain is rolling without any large hills; perfect for family outings and workouts as intense or relaxed as you want to make them. 

We also sell organic merino wool and wool/silk base layers and clothing manufactured in Europe.  The sales of the clothing provide funds for the maintenance and further development of the property.  

Merino Wool Base Layers

Merino helps to move moisture away from your skin to the outside of your clothing keeping you warm and dry.

Organic Merino Wool and Wool/Silk Base Layers for men, women and children

Children's Merino Wool Base Layers

Wool and wool/silk base layers provide warmth for indoor and outside play or make a cozy set for night time!  

Childen's Merino Wool Base Layers

Women's Merino Wool Base Layers

Natural, Ethical, Sustainable -  Light-weight soft breathable organic merino wool/silk can be worn indoors without heat build-up.

Women's Merino Wool Base Layers

Men's Merino Wool Base Layers

Wool is nature’s most perfect fibre.  Come back to the basics - warmth and goodness from nature.

Men's Merino Wool Base Layers

Fun for the Whole Family

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